Screenshots of sample work are included here. More detailed images and/or multi-page pdfs are available to view by clicking the images or the buttons provided below.
Sample Financial Model
This is a sample of a comprehensive financial model that includes:
•  The 3 core financial statements, plus key financial data derived from those statements
•  Commonly used analyses, which provide insight into the financials of the company
•  3 statistical and non-statistical methodologies for forecasting future revenues and creating pro forma financial statements

The images below are select pages or partial pages of the model in finished format, as it would be delivered to a client. To see screenshots of the working Excel version in spreadsheet form, click an image. A presentation-ready pdf version, with full pages from the model, is also available.
1) Model - Overview and Data-Input Worksheets
Description of the model and required financial statements - input fields highlighted in yellow
2) Results - Key Financial Data, Ratio & Benchmark Analyses
Measurement of the company's financial health and stability, with an analysis of profitability, leverage, and sustainability, and a comparison to recognized industry averages 
3) Historical Trends - Horizontal & Vertical Analyses
Examination of key financial data, from 2 perspectives: % change between reporting periods and relative %s vs. a baseline metric​​​​​​​
4) Forecasts - Projection, Linear Trend, and Exponential Models
Development of revenue and financial forecasts, using simple and statistical models, informed by analysis of historical results and trends
SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity): Model and Cap Table
Investor-ready Cap Table, structured around the use of a SAFE. Includes calculation of pre-fundraising and post-fundraising valuations and appropriate multiples, plus all equity allocations through different rounds of funding (Pre-Seed through Liquidation/Buyout)
Detailed Cap Table Calculations, from Founding to Pre-Seed/Seed Investment with SAFE, to Series A, to Liquidation/Buyout
Fundraising Model, with 3-Year Projected Financials
Fundraising-specific financial model for e-commerce consumer packed goods company, seeking investment from angel and early-stage venture investors
Demo pages from Fundraising Forecast
•  Dashboard: 1) Assumptions for the model, including 2 options for the source of financing, 2 drivers of revenue growth, and marketing channel spend allocations; 2) Results - a summary to highlight the cost of financing, estimated EBITDA and cash flow, and projected timeline for positive EBITDA and additional funding.
•  P&L Forecast: Sample, Year 1 of forecast P&L
•  Cash Flow Statement: Sample, Year 1 of Cash Flow projections
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) - Product Sales
Simplified product sales analysis, showing the contribution of primary sales channels and best-selling products to total sales for e-commerce company
Equity Portfolio Forecasting Model - Long-Short Returns
Optimization of equity portfolio returns and long-short positions, using Excel Solver to forecast 4 variables across 5 categories, with 9 constraints

Working Excel files for certain models are available to view or download. Request the password on the Contact page.

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