Screenshots of sample work are included here. Some images are partial pages only and serve to represent certain sections of the model. A collection of the images, in pdf format, is accessible via the button.​​​​​​
Standard Subscription / Recurring Revenue Model
This model examines the revenue strategy and monetization potential for a product with subscription or recurring revenue. Using monthly customer data, the model calculates:
 •  Logo, net dollar, and gross dollar retention & churn rates
•  CAC associated with monthly direct and indirect expenses
•  Unit economics, from monthly gross margin %, churn rates, and CAC
•  LTR, LTV:CAC, payback period, and renewal rates

This model, and others that are publicly available, has increased in popularity as more businesses (SaaS, in particular) have built recurring revenue streams, while also investing heavily in product development and online / social media marketing early and often in their revenue cycle. ​​​​​​​
1) Revenue and Renewals - Customer Data, grouped by Period and Cohort
The model allows sorting of revenue for a specified timeframe - up to 24 months, out of 48 months of data - for 1 to 10 customer cohorts.
Customer Data Sample, Recurring Revenue / Subscription Model
2) Cohort Data - Customer Logo Retention (in #s), Net Dollar Retention & Gross Dollar Retention (in $)
For each of the above categories, the following 8 data sets are pulled from the customer information:
•  Retention  •  Retention after X Months  •  Churn in Given Month  •  Cumulative Churn  •  % Retention  •  % Retention after X Months  •  % Churn  •  % Churn, Cumulative
Example: Table of Net Dollar Retention (all Cohorts), by Month
Recurring Revenue / Subscription Model,  Cohort Net Dollar Retention
3) Customer Acquisition Cost - Monthly Expenses, including Direct & Indirect Costs and One-Time Fees
The cost to acquire new customers, including sales and marketing, overhead, and multi-period expenses allocated to individual months.
CAC, Recurring Revenue / Subscription Model
4) Unit Economics - Derived from Churn Rates, Gross Margin, and CAC
Using data from #2) and #3), plus GAAP gross margin %, the model calculates:
•  Lifetime Revenue (LTR)  •  Lifetime Value (LTV)  •  Renewal Rate  •  LTV:CAC  •  Payback Period
Unit Economics Table, Recurring Revenue / Subscription Model
5) Dashboard / Summary - Monthly and Annual LTV:CAC, Payback Periods, Renewal Rates
Unit Economics are measured against common benchmarks, to inform strategy and decision-making.​​​​​​​
Dashboard, Recurring Revenue / Subscription Model
Tiered Pricing Strategies
Coming Soon
Bundling & Upsells
Coming Soon

Working Excel files for certain models are available to view or download. Request the password on the Contact page.

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